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I'm writing to give everyone and update on what has happened over the past week. Since the server has been online I've been working to get it to a optimal state. Focusing on everything that is currently in the server to get it working as it is intended and fixing any known issues.
We released a new client, which caused some bugs that are now fixed. The client should load much faster as it needs less files to run now.
The website has been worked on a bit as well to make it load much faster.

Now Here We Are with everything running how it should, it is time to further develop RSCSlay. F2p quests will be released sporadically, and other content. Any suggestions that players may have can be posted in the Community input boards on the forums, all voices are heard and players can freely chat on topics that are made. From here some informed decisions can be made on which direction to take from suggestions that are made by the community.

Advertising has just started for the server 4-5 days ago, so now is the time to get on and tell your friends about RSCSlay.

Happy Slaying!


We are going to have a grand re opening of the server on Friday the 13th.  I'm hoping old players come back and chip in on some drop parties on that day and through the weekend. There should be some events going on as well to get new players started. Also, we have a new client that has been released that will load much quicker than our previous one.
The more people on, the more things that will go on. This could lead to increased experience rate from the 13th through the weekend!
Starter gear, runes, rune items, skilling items, possible rare or 2
A player will be hosting events such as:
Hide n seek
Level 38 free for alls
3 boxing matches
and anything else that comes up when online.

Keep in mind we are getting started out again and are only getting better.

Let everyone know, I will be advertising as well. See you online Friday the 13th through the weekend!


Server Status ONLINE
Characters 1128
Forum Members 1125
Xp Rates
Combat: 10x
Wild Combat: 18x
Skill: 10x
Wild Skill: 10x
Add 2x to all for subscribers 12x-20x



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